iMedicWare Announces Collaboration With Vestrum Health


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iMedicWare announces collaboration of iMedicWare with Vestrum Health

 Summary:  iMedicWare users can now provide physicians the ability to unlock the value of their EHR data through the use of Vestrum Health’s data analysis platform. 


MedicWare, a leading ophthalmic Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor, and Vestrum Health, LLC, a healthcare data company jointly announced today that iMedicWare EHR is now compatible with Vestrum Health’s technology platform. Vestrum Health will now enable iMedicWare customers the opportunity to unlock the value of their EHR data, providing them with critical benchmarking information as well as a passive revenue stream.  “We are excited about the interface with iMedicWare,” said David F. Williams, MD, MBA, co-founder of Vestrum Health. 


Through this collaboration with Vestrum Health, iMedicWare can now provide its customers with the ability to securely upload their de-identified data to the Vestrum servers where it will be converted by Vestrum’s proprietary and regulatory-compliant technology into easily analyzable dashboards.  There will be no charge for iMedicWare customers for the Vestrum program.  Arun Kapur, CEO of iMedicWare, says, “iMedicWare is committed to providing our customers with the best EHR platform in the industry.  By collaborating with Vestrum Health, we are providing additional value to our provider customers.”


About Vestrum Health, LLC:


Vestrum Health was founded by retina specialists in 2012 to provide physicians with the opportunity to unlock the value of their EHR data. The company’s innovative and patent-pending technology platform facilitates the aggregation of EHR data for clinical research, analytics and commercialization.  For additional information visit


Contact Information: Nadeem Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer for Vestrum Health, can be reached at


About iMedicWare, Inc:  iMedicWare Inc. is a leading provider of certified EMR/EPM and ASC software specifically designed for ophthalmologists. Founded in 2006, iMedicWare was created in response to a request from a renowned NJ Ophthalmologist for a cost efficient solution geared towards Ophthalmology practices that was comprehensive, easy to use and complied with federal initiatives for “paperless” physician practices.  The end result is that iMedicWare delivers the best, physician approved EMR/EPM and ASC software solutions for prominent ophthalmology practices of any size and leading Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Contact Information: Dr. Gerald Meltzer, Clinical Director for iMedicWare, can be reached at