It’s Sarah’s Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday, Sarah

[The person you are most likely to talk to when you phone iMedicWare and work with to set up your billing requirements]


We celebrated Sarah’s birthday today with cake, bagels, vegetable bake, dip and the range of goodies that you can see making your eyes bulge and your tummy rumble in anticipation laid out on the table in the picture.


The office filled with good cheer together with the discordant strains of “Happy Birthday.”   Standing around thinking about what we would like to try first, we could not help but think how often one’s 21st birthday comes around again after the first!



Dr. Meltzer to Speak at ASCRS on EHR Issues


Room 106, Boston Convention Center
Sunday April 27 (08:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 01:00 PM)

Gerald Meltzer, MD, iMedicWare’s Medical Director will be presenting 3 interesting and informative courses as a part of the ASOA program this year.

Sunday Morning 8AM The Dark Side of EHRs – Medical Liability: Discussing risks attendant to the use of EHR including increased risks of indefensible medical malpractice claims, HIPAA related issues and vulnerability to fraud and abuse claims.
On Sunday morning at 10:30 he will present the course Meaningful Use Stage 2 and You discussing the new Stage 2 requirements and what users will need to do to meet these requirements.

Finally at 1PM on Sunday he will offer Surviving an EHR Incentive Audit in which he will discuss what you need to do to respond to an EHR incentive audit.
We would like to see you there!


iMedicWare is ONC 2014 Certified

iMedicWare User Group in Central New Jersey

SAVE THE DATE: March 22, 2014

In late March we will be holding a User Group in central NJ at a conveniently situated hotel.

Something for Everyone
Whether you are a beginner or a pro you will find something that interests you in this User Group. Join us in March and discover new techniques and technologies.

Learn from peers and share experiences
An opportunity to discover product basics and how to use the software more effectively and efficiently, it is the perfect occasion to share both challenges and solutions and pass around software tips and tricks of benefit to all. Take advantage of this time to network with and share ideas with fellow users.

Informative and Dynamic
Attend information presentations by staff expert users and listen to our selected keynotes, designed to address those issues that are the most important to you. Engage in a helpful, collaborative environment offering the “how to” content you are looking for together with a shared real world experience.

Comment on iMedicWare Services
At this event you will discover what we as a company have done so far and, by extension, what remains to be done. At the User Group your input can help to define the future development of the product.


Following a welcome meeting we will:

• Present our responses to this year’s ICD-10 challenge and provide our customers with all they need to know in order to deal with this momentous change in the healthcare landscape.

• Explain all you need to know about Meaningful Use 2014/Stage 2 so that your bottom line is not affected.

• Introduce you to iMedicWare software version 6 (our very latest), explaining the many advantages that this will bring to you and provide you with insight into our latest facilities, including our Optical Module and Patient Portal.

• Additionally, we will hold breakout sessions with clinicians, billers and surgery center staff as part of our action-packed agenda.

For your convenience and comfort morning breakfast, a buffet lunch and drinks service are offered.

For further information and to say that you will be attending please contact Martin on (732) 817 9475 or email me at

We look forward to seeing you there!

iMedicWare is 2014 MU Certified

After the hard work of colleagues iMedicWare is now an ONC 2014 certified Complete EHR.   We will receive official notice of this in 2 weeks’ time.  Impressively, there are only 52 EHRs covering all disciplines that have achieved this certification.   All of our users will be impacted by changes in Meaningful Use  in 2014, whether applying for Stage I or Stage II.

Stunning presentations at AAO This Year

PresentersStunning presentations

Stunning presentations – We have an impressive range of speakers this year. Hear them on Sat/Sun/Mon in our booth. For schedule:

Jeffery Daigrepont (Coker Group) will be speaking on cloud hosting issues;

Neil S Levinbook will be advising us how to choose a great billing company; and

Dr. Gerald E Meltzer will be addressing the upcoming challenges for all pracrtices and providing tips on how to overcome them with iMedicWare.

Stop by booth 4847. Get seen! Get your answers1 and Get knowledgeable!

Bring your thoughts and questions to our team and discover the new iMedicWare!

Our Latest Enhancements

Optical Module:

(This module is offered as a part of the iMedicWare suite of programs)

Major Functions of The Optical Module

Full optical services management for optical shops and retail establishments.

  • Rapid and comprehensive inventory control: frames, lenses, accessories, other supplies (includes warnings for hazardous materials, which will also take longer to order as they cannot be flown in).
  • Detailed sections for Lenses, Frames and Contact Lenses, each with their own subsections and each able to be processed to the highest specifications
  • Management of all areas from a single location
  • Ability to allocate different quantities of supplies to different practice locations.  This includes frames, glasses, contact lenses, etc.


  • With the highest levels of lens specification many different types of lens can be selected, including:  progressive, bifocal, single vision, etc.
  • Different materials can be specified including: Polycarbonate, plastics, Trivex…
  • You can compare stored lens specifications to actual patient prescriptions in order to place an order based on what the company has available at that time for the patient


  • Take a photograph of the frame and store this with all of the frame’s details
  • Take a photograph of the patient wearing the frame for comfort and fit purposes
  • If the tag of a frame is lost staff will be able to locate frame electronically with its photograph by entering the name or by scanning the UPC code


  • Users can search through and filter frames within the inventory by making entries to specific filter fields
  • The wholesale cost and retail cost of frames can be held and adjustments made
  • Discounts can be applied, both for the individual frame or to the patient’s account (across the board)


Specification of lens limits: lens limits can be specified such that specific lenses can only be used when the patient’s prescription (in terms of Sphere and Cylinder values) is within a specified range.  Different materials will need to be used where a chosen lens falls outside of these parameters. These lens limits can be tightened or relaxed

An overall price can be determined for a lens or the price of the lens can be itemized to include elements such as:

  •  The material
  • Transition
  • Inner reflective coating
  • Progressive ability

Consent Form Packaging and Improved Document Handling

System documents (e.g. Consent Letter) are now printed with a bar code on every page.   The bar code contains the patient ID and the folder into which this type of document should be filed within iMedicWare, in other words who the document belongs to and where it should be placed. Users can take a handheld bar code scanner and scan the bar code of a printed document. Using the information that the bar code contains an electronic PDF copy of the document is filed in the required folder of the patient for which it is intended.  The user no longer has to worry about filing a document in the wrong patient’s folders or in an inappropriate folder.  Accuracy is increased and the amount of work the user has to perform is correspondingly diminished.

 Patient Portal – Meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use Stage II

 Let your patients interact with you

The Patient Portal lets your patients interact more closely with you.  It is accessed by clicking on a supplied URL. The portal itself resides on the practice website with proxy, indirect access to the main iMedicWare server.

An authorized patient logging in to the Patient Portal is able to:

  • View and update their medical records
  • View prescribed medications
  • Maintain demographics and insurance details
  • View the results of tests
  • Check upcoming appointments and request appointments
  • Download practice documents such as consents, new patient registrations and legal documents

Access to the facilities of the Patient Portal is determined at the Patient Demographics screen where patient access can be locked or unlocked, access privileges set and, if required, the patient’s password can also be reset.