Triton College Launches iMedicWare EMR in Ophthalmic Technician Program

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Starting the semester off right with iMedicWare EMR

We are pleased to announce Triton College has launched iMedicWare as its technology partner to provide their Ophthalmic Technician program with effective, easy-to-use EMR in time for the Fall 2016 semester.

“We chose iMedicWare as our technology partner because their system is built perfectly for education. It’s easy for new students to learn and use, and it facilitates an intuitive workflow, one which they’ll find in a real ophthalmic practice. The eye care industry is moving forward and we’re proud to be leading it,” says Debra Baker, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Triton College.

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Did you know? President Theodore Roosevelt

Did you know?

President Theodore Roosevelt was an avid boxer, a hobby he picked up early during his Governorship of New York. He continued his boxing matches all the way to the White House. One fateful match in 1908, President Roosevelt’s opponent punched so hard that it actually resulted in a detachment of the President’s retina, ultimately resulting in blindness in his left eye.

Happy Presidents’ Day!theodore-teddy-roosevelt-1a1

Congress Funds VA EHR Modernization



Congress has recently passed a bill which includes a  $71.4 Billion allocation to the VA, a portion of it reserved to modernize their EHR. The improvements will include enhancing the VA’s Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) with a focus on advancing its interoperability; pending Congress’ approval. For more information, see EHR Intelligence – Congress Funds EHR Modernization, Interoperability at VA

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